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Category: Usage tracking & rights protection

Product/Service Description

ImageRights International is spearheading the global fight against the infringement of copyrighted visual works for photographers and other visual artists.


With a global network of legal partners, and three membership options including a free to sign up Basic Account, ImageRights is eliminating the most common barriers to pursuing copyright infringement: high cost and demand on time and resources.


The ImageRights Discovery service helps artists identify unauthorized online use of their images and, with ImageRights Recovery service, begin the process of recovering lost license fees from infringers across the globe, including throughout Europe, North America and Australia.


Photographers and visual artists can also use ImageRights to make registering images with the US Copyright Office fast and easy with a simplified registration process, helping to strengthen future cases against US-based infringers.

Member Benefit

ImageRights offers three levels of membership including:

  • Basic Account with free sign up,
  • Pro Account with coverage for 50,000 images and 3 free USCO registrations,
  • Premier Account for up to 125,000 images and 5 free USCO registrations.


ASMP members save 20% on Pro and Premier annual account service fees.

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